Our Policy Statement

see this page The “Privacy Act” was intended to protect individuals from government intervention as it relates to their personal lives. Privacy cannot and should not be imposed when it concerns family and kin because it is in direct conflict with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Rights of those affected by adoption are characterized in The Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the Covenant of 1948 of Amnesty International) and should be honored and upheld.

buying Seroquel Adoption practices in the United States are a national disgrace and should be opposed in every possible way. Primarily, the altering and falsification of legal documents because it allows baby-selling not only to continue, but to flourish. It is time for us to put an end to the outrageous practice of sealed, secret and closed adoptions.

If we are truly the pro-family society we claim to be, then we can no longer support family separation caused by the current closed, sealed adoption system. Guardianship and family preservation measures should be put into place without further delay.

Adoption as it is currently practiced in America is no less than the selling of human beings (aka, baby-trafficking) and therefore repugnant to most citizens regardless what it is called. It is time for the US states and private agencies to get out of the lucrative baby-selling business. Every child has the inalienable right to know and connect with their family of origin if they choose to do so.