Our Philosophy

Proscalpin without prescriptions We believe that at the core of every human being is a God-given, innate desire to “connect” with birth family from whom we’ve become separated . We are not concerned about the reasons for the separation, but only to begin the healing which we believe comes about through the process of reconciliation.

http://pinetreecurlingclub.com/wp-login.php?action=register We believe that loss and separation from family members caused by divorce, foster care, or adoption has created severe psychological problems and weakened our family structures.

We believe that the severing of genetic roots is not healthy and that all individuals have a right to know their siblings, the “missing” parent(s), birth grandparents, and all other genetic relatives. We also believe that parents who have “lost” their children (for any reason) have a need and right to know of the welfare of their children.

We believe that all family relationships should be inclusive, not exclusive. Therefore we believe in the concept of extending and expanding the family circle; and believe that blending our families will strengthen them and our world as well.