Alarm-Family-TreeLG We are ALARMed that adoptees do not have a copy of their original birth certificates! We are ALARMed that adoptees entire birth information has been altered, falsified and sealed for the past 75 years – thereby creating legal lies!

We are ALARMed that adoptees do not have access to their medical history in light of 3,000 known genetic diseases according to the National Center for Disease!

We are ALARMed that adoptees are often given false and misleading information about their background by social workers, attorneys and other “helping” professionals in the adoption field!

We are ALARMed that adoptees are forced to pay agency fees to receive non-identifying information, state fees to be placed on a state registry, and attorney fees to petition the court system to receive what is already their inalienable right: EQUAL ACCESS TO THEIR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

We are ALARMed that adoptees have been stripped of their entire heritage and culture causing a malady known as ancestricide which not only affect them, but affects their children and grandchildren!

We are ALARMed that in a free and democratic society all adoptees in our country are denied these basic human rights guaranteed to all other Americans under the 13th and 14th Amendments as well as the Declaration of Independence!

If all of the above ALARMs you, then join the fight!