About Sealed Records

basics The sealed record law created ancestricide which not only affects the individual adopted person, it also affects their children and their children’s children as well. For almost an entire century, the US has knowingly and willingly killed the ancestral roots affecting three-quarters of our population! This is a disgrace in America and needs to be changed without further delay.

http://thebkbridge.com/2015/01/bk-snowpocalypse-captured In 1865, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, however, adoptees continue to be enslaved by an institution called adoption. Adoption has taken away the very essence of “who am I” and our organization demands freedom from this enslavement.

What are sealed records and how do they affect everyone?

  • When an adoption takes place, the adoptees’ records are sealed “forever” causing, some believe, a form of ancestricide or genocide. By virtue of an archaic adoption law, entire family histories have been wiped out thereby creating Ancestricide!
  • An entire segment of our population, known as “the adopted” are unable to have access to copies of their original birth certificates or other legal documents concerning the very essence of their own lives.
  • Adoptees are being denied basic God-given rights that the rest of us enjoy – our heritage, medical history, genealogy and the ability to find the answer to the age old question “Who am I?”
  • Birthparents who surrendered their children in good faith have had to suffer years of anguish wondering what happened to their child. Most were not told nor did they believe they were signing away their child forever.
  • Adoptive parents are denied pertinent ongoing medical, genetic and psychological information which is so necessary in parenting an adopted child.
  • Those who facilitate or arrange adoptions have been and continue to be free to perform unscrupulous deeds and then hide behind the confidentiality law. For example, obtaining surrender papers from birthparents under false pretenses; telling adoptive parents that the child they are adopting has been abandoned and unwanted; altering and/or falsifying adoption documents; and even selling babies to the highest bidder. The list goes on.
  • Individuals involved in search work who assist in reconnecting loved ones separated by adoption, are putting themselves at risk because of these sealed records and confidentiality laws – the same laws that protect the agencies and individual states from unscrupulous deeds and lucrative baby-selling business.